Foreign traders exporting DPF cleaning machines please note that with the development of science and technology, crankcase cleaning machines are widely used in solid chemical fiber, blending, railway, automobile manufacturing, metal processing, ship, railway, automobile manufacturing, food processing, architectural decoration, processing of new materials, nuclear power cleaning, solar energy, machinery and other fields.

The company’s leading products cover general gasoline engines, diesel engines, electric welding machines, Rongen mobile CIP cleaning machines, pneumatic cleaning guns, welding machines, laser cleaning machines, containers, boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, various types of heat exchanger cleaning equipment, cold/heat pump water tanks, heaters, pipeline cleaning nozzles, thermal pumps, evaporators, hot water, ozone generators, water pump cleaning nozzles, cold water cleaning machines, hot water cleaning nozzles, ignition guns Various products and accessories such as ultra-high pressure rust removal nozzles, ion sputtering machines, vortex washers, steel plant phosphorus removal, polishing/rust removal machines, brewery cleaning machines, baking/production, prying decoration, etc.

The company faces customers, operates and serves in the New Year’s Jieli. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “people-oriented, with Xuming, and Shenyang as the home”. After long-term professional technical innovation, the company has accumulated the following five high-quality equipment and a set of good after-sales service devices.

The company’s main products include: ultrasonic cleaning machines, environmentally friendly water washing machines, spraying equipment, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, industrial chillers, industrial pure water machines, tunnel drying furnaces, cabinet ovens, and other 20 varieties.

Boer Ultrasound specializes in the production of environmentally friendly fully automatic cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning machines, environmentally friendly water washing machines, high-pressure spray cleaning machines, automated cleaning equipment and other products.

Boer Ultrasound Company will continue to provide high-quality products, reasonable prices, timely delivery times, and timely and thoughtful after-sales service. We offer our most sincere suggestions to you and our equipment and services as our after-sales service. Boer Company will provide professional product quality, discounted prices, the most enthusiastic service, enthusiastic team, and professional after-sales service to help you choose more suitable cleaning equipment and meet customer needs to a greater extent< Eod>.

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