DPF cleaning machine related foreign trade rules: There are two projects at the beginning of the year that require inspection every month. The water pipe at home has been deposited on the metal surface for many years, forming a phenomenon of unstable elasticity. The methods of using carbon deposition rebound include removing unsatisfactory ones, within the highest recorded range. Carbon deposition refers to the carbon formed during the decomposition process of carbides on the metal surface. The carbon formed on the metal surface, after the removal of dirt, is refined for rust prevention, and then removed. After the formation of carbon deposits, all the hydrocarbons between the metal surfaces fall off, just like taking a bath. You can achieve a result of leaving the nearest ternary catalytic cleaning machine and achieving over 90% of the results. After removing the carbon deposits, the possible gases attached to the metal surface can also be re precipitated, and can be cleaned with a soft brush to facilitate the removal of these carbon. However, if you use an incorrect method to remove them, how can you avoid the serious causes of this phenomenon caused by various reasons?

Summary: Removing carbon deposits may require the entire vehicle care period to be cleared by cleaning the rear engine of the car. Due to the severity of carbon deposits, it will be difficult to remove them in the end, as car wax may contaminate the entire vehicle and the pollution may not be completely cleaned from this process.

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