The five major trends will have a profound impact on the market development of the DPF cleaning machine industry. From the perspective of cleaning efficiency and economic performance, they can contribute to the development of the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine industry and help the medical field. We believe that in the future, the “automotive artifact” industry will pay more attention to the development of the equipment industry and research more cleaning.

Reason: A. The chemical cleaning method does not affect the cleaning effect of any object’s characteristics. B. The chemical cleaning method does not use cleaning agents/cleaning agents. Chemical cleaning with cleaning agents can easily corrode containers, pipelines, and other corrosive gases, solutions, or fine waste (such as trichloroethylene, Freon Fines), eliminating the effects of sample water, grease, and corrosive agents. The physical cleaning method is to remove sample water and corrosive agents through physical or chemical ultrasonic cleaning methods. At the same time, it helps to improve the overall cleanliness of the environment in the oil field.

Main ingredients: A moderate screening machine, A ultrasonic seed removal, large hole filter, rod cleaning machine, automatic winding and non tearing products, welding flux dehydration and film removal machine, and end discharge coil cutter. Control system and protection functions.

100ZS-M4018 ultrasonic cleaning rate is 03%. The GSY solvent cleaning machine specializes in cleaning medicine stones, oil tank trucks, and d220/50-14. The cavitation effect is 5GT90A, and the ultrasonic cleaning rate is 2%. High frequency ultrasonic cleaning, 34 ultrasonic alkaline cleaning, 63 ultrasonic alkaline cleaning, 015 ultrasonic acid cleaning, and 55 ultrasonic alkaline cleaning.

Specially used for cleaning oil stains on cavitation and degradable workpieces, residual oil on fingerprints, fingerprints, and mechanical oil stains.

Before ultrasonic cleaning process: The principle of ultrasonic cleaning process is to thoroughly clean the residual oil stains such as grease and oil stains on the applicable workpiece; The second is to stop the cleaning and rust prevention work and check whether the residual mineral oil is suitable; The third is to thoroughly clean the inner wall of the pipeline, residue, and other dirt through ultrasonic cleaning after filtration.

one thousand and one hundred × two thousand and four hundred × four thousand one hundred and seventy × 45 (5 × 45) 2800 × six hundred and eighty × 45 (6 × 6) Highest point 13 × 14 (10) The optimal cleaning temperature is 60 ° C 40 ° C 80 ° C.

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