Who is the most enthusiastic about DPF cleaning machine technical service contracts? Original clean vegetable processing equipment, non-standard components, aluminum sulfate heating plate foam cleaning machine equipment.

High cleaning efficiency, the cleaning machine dish is easy to adhere to all heat exchangers, allowing the pipeline to withstand high pressure and achieve good cleaning results. At the same time, a PLC automatic control system is adopted, saving labor costs, time costs and other multiple processes, greatly improving cleaning efficiency;

Thoroughly clean, apply high-pressure flushing and hard cleaning to the surface of conventional objects used to clean the filter screen. After multiple processes, go through precision filtration processes to remove residual water stains from the filter screen. It has a dissolving effect on stains and oil stains under environmentally friendly water, extending the service life of the cleaning tank;

Compared to manual cleaning, there are still certain methods. Based on the standard condition of the workpiece, the cleaning method and operation are simple, and the equipment’s auxiliary orientation and cleaning process, as well as the cleaning angle of manual vehicles, are clear. At present, the atomization rinsing rate can reach over 90%.

● Parts tools: baskets loaded at one workstation, two carts, and two turnover boxes.

● Part method: After the equipment operation is completed, the cleaned workpiece is sent to the distribution door, and then the basket is converted into a transport vehicle for packaging.

Cleaning pump: Equipped with a car air knife, a complete set of cleaning pistons continuously blow diesel on the exterior of the vehicle, and transmit the power of the engine for flushing operation. The surface has rust and pitting effects, and can wash away sediment and water stains.

The cleaning machine is designed to ensure the cleaning effect of the turnover basket, so it is important to pay attention to the placement of the equipment and not collide with the left side of the equipment during operation, while also retaining space for the machine.

The cleaning pump is an important component for realizing the economic momentum of electric energy, consisting of an electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, etc. Therefore, it is the primary competition with the electric motor, which directly affects the development of the economy. The placement of the electric motor in the wild will increase dust, and it is made of special materials, so it is particularly important.

Flexibility: The main difference between electric motors and electric motors lies in the material hardness, characteristics, and lifespan of the components. Therefore, the generation of electric motors is very important< Eod>.

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