DPF cleaning machine foreign traders have to know the quotation considerations. 60. The power of the cleaning machine. 50. The cleaning method of the cleaning machine. The power of the direct spray cleaning machine. Please come.

The low-frequency cleaning machine is mainly used to remove oil, dust, and particulate particles from the surface of the workpiece through the rotation of the circulating pump, spray pump, and nozzle, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning. For parts with small gaps, holes, and special shaped workpieces, different cleaning and cleaning slots can be used to ensure sufficient weight of the entire machine and enhance the surface recovery strength of the workpiece. Four cleaning modes: using ozone sterilization or nozzle spraying to clean the surface of objects on the same workstation.

Four cleaning modes: using the kinetic energy of high-pressure water flow or the washing effect of inorganic substances to remove dirt; When the impact force of the cleaning water flow is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the surface of the object, the binding force of the object part is directed towards those dirt dense areas for cleaning.

Five cleaning modes: simultaneously cleaning the surface of an object and various physical and chemical processes on the surface of the object at the same workstation.

Seven cleaning modes: Different cleaning modes require appropriate cleaning for different types of dirt, grease, and other impurities to ensure the effectiveness and duration of cleaning.

Six cleaning modes: Different cleaning modes target different levels of complex applications such as dirt, precision instruments, holes, and grooves.

And wave film release/drum;

A professional ultrasonic cleaning agency uses a multi basket cleaning method to design a set of cleaning modules, with a drying area on multiple tanks, which consumes high-quality products.

Provide technical support and services for ultrasonic cleaning institutions to make cleaning work simpler and more efficient.

Aire’s cleaning agents, electronic components, and semiconductor components can all be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The company has gathered a group of ultrasonic cleaning elites, high-quality ultrasonic cleaning experts and production teams, introduced advanced industrial technology and management methods, and strictly implemented the ISO9001 quality management system. One on one customers not only have higher requirements for the application of ultrasonic cleaning, but also the company has provided comprehensive technical training for ultrasonic cleaning equipment based on customer needs,

The application range of ultrasonic cleaning machines is wide, from the cleaning tank industry to ultrasonic cleaning systems. The application of ultrasonic cleaning can provide an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the diverse cleaning needs in scientific research, industry, commerce, communication, sports, and friction solutions.

The Aire ultrasonic cleaning machine summarizes the following main advantages: firstly, the use of efficient degreasing agents reduces the content of ODS surfactants that pollute, and improves the convenience of use.

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