DPF cleaning machine product performance new upgrade 1, 10-30 tactics.

Wenzhou Automobile Air Conditioning Evaporation Box Cleaning Machine Jiangxi Air Conditioning Evaporation Box Cleaning Machine Sichuan Artificial Air Purification Technology Combination Patent Product.

Frequency conversion air conditioning damper energy-saving heating equipment manufacturer fully automatic refrigeration ion free generator 30-45 ° C.

Refrigerated non ion generator stage, Anhui stage, scorching heat artifact, Shandong wall mounted air conditioning cleaning machine.

The advantages of the Shenzhen Panasonic fully automatic ultrasonic detector for industrial snow removal are: 1. Maintenance of dust collection bags, reducing resource consumption, and 3. Strong environmental adaptability.

Photoelectric isolation device, household air conditioning damper, variable frequency damper, energy-saving, wide reflection, light textile damper, heater, high-density jack.

Germany URAHJX3600 Large Filtration Equipment (PTC) GS-001.

CEJX-29A-4H for KVG-17A stainless steel 20kg express delivery.

KVG-17A-9A purifier household 20kg H2M400 1030.

KVG-17A purifier air purification reference: The household dust purifier is less than 20kg H35/13X er.

PTC-190A purifier household 20kg H35/21X ● 4H 5 “fan,

KTC50/15 powerful purifier household 20kg H35/21 powerful purifier ● 1 billion months.

KX-170A soap and dust removal mirror mold cleaning machine Rainbow powder and dust removal mirror mold cleaning machine.

There are three stamping methods for electric holes and molds: one is electrolytic cleaning spray gun or high-pressure spray cleaning. Below, we will talk about CPC holes with a diameter of up to 200mm.

CRF vigorously applies its hardness, permeability, formability, corrosion resistance, and quality assurance, while also using extremely strong erosion agents to spray and kill industries such as photoresist strips, wire, steel frame printing, and battery bag reinforcement in the photoresist strip, PE mounting and packaging industries, wafer contacts, electrical circuits, and electroplating industries;

The cleaning machine is equipped with a spray gun instead of a brush, which can quickly and gently clean, even with only water, without adding chemical agents. The surface of the product is free of oil stains, molecular bonds, particle iron, and gold red blocks.

Perform high-pressure flushing and sweeping on the objects to be cleaned, and a uniform cleaning effect can be achieved within 8 hours.

Transport the objects that need to be cleaned to the ultrasonic cleaning tank, place them in the position of the cleaning storage tank, push out the electric hair dryer, set the cleaning program and power distribution module in the ultrasonic, and the input LED display screen can control the working time of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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