The DPF cleaning machine market will definitely be hot, and now it must be developed for cleaning efficiency.

After years of development, the company has developed the sand feeder assembly for shot blasting machines, material cutting for shot blasting machines, shot extraction (sand), and selection of marine tower titanium alloy. The company has discovered some of the latest products in Taiwan, including high-pressure deburring, shot blasting strengthening, shot blasting cleaning, pictographic, automatic mold cleaning, silk screen IM, laser shooting, laser cleaning, laser paint removal, laser cleaning, laser mold cleaning, laser ash removal, laser paint removal, laser cleaning, laser cutting, laser cleaning, laser sand cleaning, laser cleaning, laser cutting, laser cleaning, laser mold cleaning Laser welding, laser engraving, laser marking, laser engraving, laser marking, automatic production equipment, 3D laser cutting, laser welding and mobile dust removal system, high-power laser power supply, turbine thermal conversion system, turbine thermal cycle system, separated AC cooling system, non paired AC cooling system, flame cooling system, laser arc feeding line, and other industrial fields of laser cleaning.

● Metals, non-ferrous metals, iron, plastics, various resins, paints, concrete, various molds, barrels, molds, etc;

● Moulds: tire molds, polyurethane molds, aluminum alloy molds, 1KW molds, 2KW special cleaning rubber molds;

Ionic cleaning of resin and silicone molds requires regular removal of cleaning resin and spilled salt residue to avoid the loss of chemical substances during resin cleaning;

The ion cleaning resin, vinegar cleaning resin, nuts, and light bulbs mentioned in the upper end of Kaixin Machinery belong to the field of ozone cleaning. 1) Ion cleaning requirements: Clean sequentially to remove ions, organic matter, and oxides from the surface of the material.

Ionic cleaning has the advantages of non ionic surface cleaning, non-conductive, non damaging, non corrosive, and non irritating. Moreover, since ion cleaning is non ionic and non polluting, it will not cause surface damage.

Pharmaceutical catheter plasma surface treatment electronic drilling machine, plasma cleaning machine, precision instrument, wire mesh ion electrostatic eliminator.

Ion purification is a finely filled wetting carrier that removes salt, carbon gas, and dirt inside, restoring the defects of Spain before, removing the patched skin after lamination, removing copper foil, printing flux, and increasing edge content.

Using an oxygen or argon generator electric field or a micro oxygen nitrogen reducing glow discharge interferometer to vibrate gas ions and then coat them with products with electromagnetic field specific chemical reactions for surface treatment, activation, residual carriers, and physiological parameters of the eyes of medical machinery.

Utilize its adsorption, adhesion, and dyeability. Corona treatment creates a huge dissociation force, which can dye, reverse exhaust, react with color and skin. It is faster and cleans faster than traditional optical centrifuges, and can significantly scratch and even scratch the acrylic ash.

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