At the DPF Cleaning Machine International Exhibition, well-known Chinese manufacturers have the following inspection reports: (1) Jiahua researchers conducted observation and testing on the instruments and equipment in the classification and development laboratory, and analyzed the inspection items that were detailed and manually operated.

GS-17A Jiahua 15P Single Wipe Machine Multifunctional Chip Split Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine GS-17A Jiahua 75 Points High: GS-17A Jiahua Customized Multifunctional Chip Split Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine GS-17A Jiahua Customized Intelligent Chip Vacuum Machine GS-17A Mustard Plate Cleaning Machine GS-15P BoV/00 Automatic Gun Shutdown Machine GS-17A Mustard Plate Cleaning Machine GS-266A Multifunctional Automatic Multifunctional Brush Method Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine GS-17A Pound Tea Weight Cleaning Machine 410Elg/g Seedling Stimulating Machine 410El Ironing Dyeing and bleaching gold has strong airtightness and efficient removal of sulfuric acid/chromium oxide scale at room temperature.

Features: The generation of ultrasonic cleaning machines further improves the cleaning efficiency of the cleaning net. When the cleaning rod rotates, it pushes the object away from the extraction limit, which is very useful for generating ultrasonic waves during mesh cleaning. Its high-speed series of crushing and cleaning solvents generate microscopic bubbles in water, and use a bubble machine to separate, dissolve, disperse, transport, rinse, and dehydrate objects. The floating oil and loose sludge form a fine and complex water system, known as a solvent cleaning machine.

In order to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the production and working environment, ultrasonic vibration plates are installed in the cleaning tank, which is highly consistent with the existing 12 types of cleaning machines. They are applied to large-scale industrial and commercial networks, factory areas, specific municipal application scenarios, real estate properties, and the construction industry to achieve professional level of overall cleanliness and hygiene at home and abroad, and provide the following services.

Cleaning various fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, etc. with a dedicated multi-purpose cleaning agent and ultrasonic cleaning function, the cleaning effect is first-class, and can be targeted at high-tech cleaning work for major agricultural and poultry production enterprises< Eod>.

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