Under the development of global technology, the DPF cleaning machine industry has ushered in new opportunities and sales trends, and the “unmanned” of the Set Creation Information Network workstation has received unanimous praise from global users.

The construction area of the industrial park is about 5000 square meters, and the total amount was generally renovated, anti-corrosion, packaging, engineering, and residential properties in the original period.

Low speed motors meet the requirements of higher power intelligent machines, achieving automated operations and beautiful lines in machine equipment.

The total area of the park’s buildings is approximately 7000m2, with the total remaining longer in the original period.

The establishment system of a lean production system includes dust collectors, mud raising and pressurization systems, dust removal equipment, sewage treatment systems, automotive air conditioning systems, constant temperature and humidity boxes, cooling equipment, terminal cleaning, restoration of urban pests, construction of building exterior and internal structures, reinforcement of dams, concrete, alloys, paints, primers, plastics, and primers for various vehicles.

● A large number of cleaning tools: driving type floor scrubbers, hand propelled floor scrubbers, sweeping carts, surface processors, sewage treatment systems, bucket cleaning machines, and floor facing leisure methods.

Introduction to high-pressure cleaning machine M25/15: high-pressure cleaning machine M28/18.

The reform of rail vehicles is sometimes fast, and we are using high-pressure cleaning machines to solve the speed problem for users, especially those engaged in high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment.

When using a high-pressure cleaning machine for high-pressure water jet cleaning work, it is often necessary to adjust the pressure. When using a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning work, it is necessary to adjust the pressure to ensure the cleaning effect.

The high-pressure hose of the high-pressure cleaning machine has a short lifespan and can be used in certain harsh environments.

When we use a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, we usually need to use a spray gun for cleaning.

When we use a high-pressure cleaning machine for high-pressure water jet cleaning, the problem we face is how the cleaning effect of the high-pressure cleaning machine is not good. Regarding the cleaning effect of the high-pressure cleaning machine, we will analyze how to handle it.

● When the shape of the spray from the high-pressure nozzle of the high-pressure washer changes, and there are obvious streaks and abnormal spray, the wear degree of the high-pressure nozzle should be considered first in this case, because even if the tool is worn to damage, the high-pressure nozzle will also be worn, and our daily chemical fatigue is not comparable to the cleaning effect of the high-pressure washer.

If the high-pressure nozzle is in a high temperature state or with significant temperature improvement, the temperature will change and there will be vibration. This is 95% of the working current of the high-pressure cleaning machine when it malfunctions. If it is switched to a low frequency, it is easy to cause work damage, which will also damage the output power of the high-pressure cleaning machine.

Before using a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning, first test run the motor to check if the motor and water pipes meet the requirements and if the water flow is sufficient. Insufficient tap water supply and inappropriate selection of cleaning solution cannot be applied to high-pressure cleaning machines. The internal water pipes and valves of the cleaning machine should be purged of air to avoid blockage.

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