You overlooked these small details in the DPF cleaning machine industry products. You should pay attention to the DPF carbon cleaning machine inside.

: aX, Wuxi Jinxian Elevated Environmental Protection Cleaning Machine, a single barrel cleaning machine provides you with sufficient cleaning space to meet the cleaning effect requirements. The integrated machine frame is a three steel structure, with a cleaning area of 500mm-500mm, a bracket of 40mm-500mm, and a front processing temperature of 70 degrees. The cleaning speed is minutes (without vacuum automatic device).

Due to the large PLC torque adjustment, the equipment in this project is durable and easy to press plastic bonding (with adjustable cleaning temperature), thus changing the mold size and cleaning amount, making the cleaning process professional. In the early stage, small cars were used for cleaning, and the cleaning distance for large cars was 150mm, resulting in tight production capacity. Due to the use of the entire cleaning process for semiconductors, the operating power is low, but the pressure is high, making it suitable for large-scale cleaning work. In recent years, a breakthrough has been made in the single cleaning process, achieving three-level cleaning.

Adopting jet flow water circulation cleaning, combined with wave patterns, with strong cleaning power; Combined with the use of carbonized water element for precipitation, the particle combination of pollutants is improved, and residual residue is accelerated. By repeatedly draining, separating and drying the tank, the cleaning solution is quickly combined, floating the pollutants, and cleaned through the overflow tank lateral movement device. At the same time, PLC control and touch screen operation system control are used, making the operation simple and intuitive.

Cleaning rhythm: 05~12 groups/batches are cleaned at once, with an extended cleaning time of over 15KW.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “providing customers with efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment”, adheres to the business philosophy of “pioneering, pragmatic, and innovative”, and adheres to the business philosophy of “unity, hard work, pioneering, and win-win”. We are committed to providing efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for high-end manufacturing customers.

The company mainly produces: shot blasting machine, cleaning machine, coating, powder spraying equipment, automatic phosphating, film blowing equipment, powder spraying assembly line, drying equipment, oil coating machine, dust removal equipment, automatic high temperature furnace, sealing filter, automatic quenching machine, robot cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, fully automatic spray cleaning machine, powder spraying machine, grinding wheel machine, rolling machine, screw equipment, plastic fusion machine, main line vehicle, conveying equipment, sterilization equipment A series of dust removal, cleaning, and phosphorus removal equipment for sheet metal processing.

Our company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, design, production, sales, and service of automation equipment accessories such as powder spraying equipment, oil coating equipment, and automated production lines, as well as small surface spraying equipment and powder spraying production lines. The company has an assembly and development team, users, and technical personnel. For many years, our enterprise’s qualification development has adhered to the principle of adding innovation through technology, improving mature technology, and winning good market development opportunities through continuous progress and exploration of industrial machinery and equipment series such as precision casting, metallurgy, and casting. This provides new transformation references for subsequent manufacturers such as ship changing machines.

Most people can see that the development of powder spraying equipment is innovative and scientific. But why advocate powder spraying equipment? This technology is an important application of process technology and is constantly developing.

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