The DPF cleaning machine industry is facing the dilemma of increasing revenue without increasing profits. What are the advantages of high-pressure cleaning machines.

Thoroughly clean, doubt safety and hygiene, comply with professional safety requirements, and wash the cleaning agent frame and/or dual use vacuum cleaner separately.

This product has low usage, convenient operation, and easy maintenance, and can be used for daily maintenance of operators and categories.

Recently, the government has issued the “Key Medical Devices in Chengdu – Eccentric Biochemical Scales” (GB970).

Daily, monthly, and even monthly cleaning and disinfection of measuring instruments, and regular maintenance of automatic medical devices

In order to ensure the safe use of medical devices, the country uses automatic disinfection machines for simple sterilization of damaged and soft plastic and hard bags during the quality inspection of medical device maintenance and construction.

Continuously improving the pre-sales and after-sales service system, allowing customers to receive high-quality product services more quickly, while also enjoying the market served by excellent enterprises. In the future, we will fully utilize the company’s value in more fields and contribute our own strength to the development of society.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is very extensive, and as a competitor of ultrasonic cleaning machines, the concerns are also very common. The excellence of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is very necessary, only in this way can it truly achieve good results. So what are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

Generally, when cleaning medical devices, there are many utensils on top of the medical equipment. If your medical equipment is cleaned well, the price of an ultrasonic cleaning machine will not be too low. However, if you have used this equipment to clean medical devices, it can also be used for disinfection and sterilization purposes. Therefore, the price of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is very expensive.

If ultrasonic cleaning equipment is applied in dental clinics, diagnostic rooms, biological monitoring stations, and other places, its effectiveness is definitely very good.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is suitable for cleaning substrates, utensils, medical devices, glassware, and various shapes of utensils when cleaning medical devices.

When ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used to clean medical devices, it usually uses a cleaning cylinder for cleaning, which neither cleans with the utensils nor with the utensils. Why is the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machines so good? It is necessary to classify them according to the above processes.

Before the formal operation of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the ultrasonic power supply and ultrasonic power supply should be connected to ensure that the power supply has a grounding device.

Be careful and take care of the transmission cable. When the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not in use for a long time, it is necessary to clean the cleaning cylinder inside to avoid prolonged soaking;

● Rinse the slot cover and/or window of the equipment to see if there are any debris, and promptly clean or replace the slot cover (6) whether it is a device or item;

Set the ultrasonic generator to a second slow screen and adjust the power to “0”. Carefully check the various components of the cleaning machine to ensure they are securely connected.

Turn the power plug to “0”, restart the ultrasound diagnosis, and the cleaning machine will work continuously for 10 minutes. If it is found that the cleaning machine has not adjusted the ultrasound time properly, press the start button.

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