DPF cleaning machine exhibition, time, and location introduction: 1. For many years, our company has specialized in designing, manufacturing, and producing high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning machines. For many years, GYQ has been able to meet different customer needs and design and manufacture suitable solutions based on their needs.

Technological innovation, committed to the new era of jet technology, has successfully attracted entry into the field of German ZSTOCECK high-pressure cleaning machines for defense and control modules. Inching on the Spanish Tufan 7100B high-pressure cleaning machine, it was immediately defined as a recognized customized model.

GYQ-9280GDE selects various high-pressure cleaning head models from Shanghai Xiangsi Shengmei, relying on the actual configuration of the German Z industrial card to achieve routine cleaning, assembly, maintenance, and other effects. It has various cleaning machine models such as cleaning, HY, 7352, 1523, 2023, etc.

Features: 1. The body is lightweight, easy to move, portable, lightweight, degassed, and silent, suitable for cleaning and maintenance of outdoor specified models. 2. The water pressure measurement method is flexible, with mechanical cleaning, scrubbing, pump suction, and sufficient operation to meet physiological salt requirements and long-term disinfection work. 3. Equipped with a pressure and flow control device, IPX2000, with pressure and flow control function, it is completely worry free to check external impurities and attachments, and record the cylinder reset and performance of each cylinder, making it more convenient for practical operation. 4. The soft rod of the amplitude converter should have sufficient tension protection to prevent the weight of the parts from exceeding the sealing performance when disassembling the piston. 5. The movement range of the valve stem adopts servo control, which is more convenient to quickly use a servo controller, and more convenient for parameter adjustment, lock replacement, or column replacement adjustment. The above parameters and configurations are for reference only, and the specific configurations shall be subject to agreement between both parties. 6. Dynamic display of the movement accuracy of the inner axis of the hydraulic end gun mechanism. 7. The mechanical transmission method is flexible, and a servo system is used to directly couple the pressure rod for circumferential rebound, pressure stem, minced meat, and water delivery, without the need to increase the pump head, effectively improving the continuity coefficient of the pump. 8. The reciprocating speed is fast, and there is no need to operate the flipper in the delivery hook net. With the changes in digital electroplating processes, the use of servo control can improve design accuracy. At the same time, a servo controller serves as an automatic starting system to provide precise steering, which can perform circumferential rebound, positioning, and crawling of gears, reducing waste and achieving data conversion. It is also suitable for installation of flow control systems, with control systems such as pre installation, pressure control, and computer automatic reset. It adopts an integrated design with intelligent control of the pump head.

Welcome to Wuxi Jindayuan Cleaning Equipment Factory – precision hardware and electroplating parts cleaning machines, precision hardware industry cleaning machines. Where is there a wheeled car washing machine in Henan?

The through shot blasting cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning large metal castings, aluminum parts, forgings, stamping parts, automotive aluminum parts, copper parts, aluminum parts, and other metal castings, forgings, stamping parts before descaling large metal castings and carbon parts.

Generally, high-quality casting projects are selected for the casting industry, and small casting sand cleaning equipment such as shot blasting machines, melt shot cleaning machines, ultrasonic mold filling machines, sandblasting machines, etc. are used according to different types of casting industry.

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