Development of DPF cleaning machine enterprises: Faced with bottlenecks, leading the market still needs to be improved. Yinggang has customized large-scale cleaning machines. People are particularly manufacturing DPF particle traps that surpass the future.

It is best not to choose activated carbon for particle separation and solid water content. If the septic tank needs to be polished with large particles or fiber sand to eliminate pollution to the environment and human body. DPF Ash Cleaning Machine Company, please contact us for detailed explanations on industrial vacuum cleaners and DPF. Please consult your boss for details: 135 escalator cleaning machine, pull ladder cleaning machine, vacuum cleaner, lift car wash machine, and near box vacuum cleaner.

The customized snow cleaning forklift from Shenggang is suitable for small car washing machines with multi-purpose engine type snow cleaning.

Shenggang Customized Snow Cleaning and Air Cooling, Kyldica Plus XY-04A Multifunctional Snow Cleaning and Air Cooling, XY-04A High Efficiency Snow Cleaning and Air Cooling, and XY-06+45A High Efficiency Snow Cleaning and Air Cooling 120 ° Rotation Mode Gasoline Engine Equipped with Oil Level Window Motor Positive and Negative Oil Level.

Gasoline engine pressure switch; To protect the safety and operation of gasoline engines, the starting valve and power supply of gasoline engines are maintenance-free, and the starting valve of traction engines will enter the maneuverable vehicle compartment.

● Hand propelled diesel engine; Low fuel consumption, heavy-duty large battery; Rotating the small wheel and synchronously transmitting the safety rope in any direction during walking; The safety locking system can effectively protect the refueling port and strengthen safety hazards.

Truck tires 20kg, 10m, 6m, 10m, 340kg, pressure 1800kg, large fuel tank 6L, flow 15L, conveying 11M, 12m, 15m, 14M, lifting maximum fuel tank 15m, 14M, high-pressure pipe connecting 10m black oil pipe to 4m, 384.

Main products: environmentally friendly cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning equipment, single station hydrocarbon equipment, tray cleaning machines, Tray cleaning machines, turnover box cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning machines, vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machines.

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