DPF Cleaning Machine R&D Process Details: What is Particle Size Rotary Cleaning Particle Size/045um/OEM Introduction GD-3 Weather Particle Quick Freeze Protection Box Daily Maintenance Work, High Speed Continuous Without Water and Corrosive Product Softening Water, Assisted by Lowering Employee Operating Temperature, Preventing Terminal Fund Damage. The main components are all imported products, which are resistant to high temperatures and are particularly suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging areas. DPF cleaning method distributor.

The IPC-1800YK high-pressure cleaning machine is widely used in various industries with its industrial grade crankshaft pump, 350bar commercial three-phase motor, 1356MHz high flow dual start switch, Honda engine and its machine control system, etc.

The service life can reach more than 5 years, and both two-phase electric and 8 MPa high-pressure pumps use imported accessories, which can meet 24-hour continuous operation;

The powerful crankshaft pump, equipped with 36 # 4 variable amplitude lever, and reinforced ribs ensure safe operation;

● Unloading action: 15L water spray, foam increase and pressure increase can make the materials in the pipe dry quickly.

The nozzle adopts food grade high-temperature resistant plastic nozzle, which has strong adaptability to water flow and can ensure the long service life of the equipment;

Integrated use: This is easy to operate and has strong universality, with high cost-effectiveness.

Pressure testing and flushing of DC booster pumps, actuators, ship cleaning machines, and pipeline pressure testing pumps.

● Sugar production position, pressure testing of water injection holes, mixing direction, etc.

The intact use of various heat exchangers, cooling valves, and other egg forming mechanical equipment, with compact structure, reliable performance, and convenient operation.

The application of Penghe brand high-pressure cleaning machines in the field of parking, especially in the power generation industry, is very important for environmental protection and energy conservation. The multi-purpose furnace has four functions, and can be used daily after calcination and oxygen filtration.

Industrial high-pressure cleaning machines are mainly used for the cleaning, maintenance, and repair inspection of supporting products of automobiles, motor vehicles, engineering machinery, and agricultural machinery, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc< Eod>.

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