Cooperate with KINGKAR makes great benefits

In 1922, the International Cooperative Union decided to designate the first Saturday in July each year as the “International Day of Cooperatives” . You may be unfamiliar with the Cooperation Festival, but cooperation in life and work is everywhere, and human beings cannot do without mutual cooperation.

Cooperation is happy and efficient, and it is the embodiment of unity and beauty. Team cooperation can save time and improve work efficiency; it can also better take advantage of everyone’s strengths, make up for one’s weaknesses, and reach the other side of success better and faster. Mutual cooperation will make human beings better learn to be independent, enterprising, have the spirit of unity and dedication, and can enhance the sense of responsibility of human beings.

And on the occasion of this festival, KINGKAR will bring you brand agency benefits, And the following are supports you could get from us :

  • Best price—-Distributor price for DPF6.0 cleaner machine and DPF cleaning


  • Authorized you being Kingkar sole distributor—in your country others can not do it any more; Only you do it.
  • Customer supporting—-Transfer all local inquiries from Google, Alibaba, Made in China, Global resources, Facebook, Linked-in, and so on;
  • Promotion material —–advertisement design and printing free for you.Such as flyers and rolled banners;
  • New website—we will built a new website for you to do promotions; 
  • Open Facebook page— for you free and we pay for the daily cost;
  • Technical training—one to one after service from our profession service team;
  • Free spare parts for maintenance—no any worry about the after selling service,we will provide the spare parts to our distributor for two years;

There are more surprises and benefits waiting for the agents in KINGKAR DPF, welcome to join us!

Cooperate with KINGKAR makes great benefits - KingKar
Cooperate with KINGKAR makes great benefits - KingKar

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