Complete Glossary of Professional Terminology for DPF Cleaning Machines.

DPF: The WT Noah DX series DPF particle catcher is a D-S-PanelorCO chain

Long high-pressure pipes, waterproof sleeve chains, and quick connections enable quick movement of equipment or membrane devices that lay plastic and rubber surfaces on the equipment, greatly improving its service life and reducing

The flow type high and low temperature integrated machine can continuously supply high-pressure hot water, save energy and water, ensure stable and reliable equipment, and can be driven.

Imported magnetic stirrer polishing machine, imported domestic and foreign technology and production process, made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, with equipment and raw materials not damaged, thus achieving high cleaning efficiency, labor saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment performance. This machine is mainly used for polishing squares.

The polishing machine production line consists of a feeding machine, a ball screw, a conveyor, a contact machine, a return machine, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple operation, long service life, and meets the standards for use in the food industry.

a) Bed Sheet Workstation: Required φ 55 x 43 (10 inches) without tools, such as transfer mechanism, removal of bed sheets, stairs, electrical cabinets, heat sealing boxes, tempered boxes, ion coating machines, cooling boxes, drying cabinets, door handles, universal joints, gear boxes, hardware, electroplating parts, a set of production.

b) Required φ 45~8 batteries will enter the area and use cleaning equipment such as 95 to 95 x 43 x 48 x 96 990, 135 articulated cleaning machines, drivers, moving cleaning machines, UV light etching boxes, plasma cleaning machines, UV irradiation machines, etc.

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