Clean your Car engine on time

When it comes to engine components, the car exhaust system is undoubtedly one of the most simple in design. Its job is straightforward: funnel exhaust fumes from the engine to the rear bumper, and muffle the noise of the engine in the process.

Despite its simplicity, your exhaust system is vital to keep your engine running smoothly. Any leaks or faulty sensors within the system can significantly degrade your engine’s performance and efficiency. Leaks can also make your car loud, smelly, and potentially dangerous to drive. That’s why it’s imperative to have your exhaust system periodically inspected and repaired immediately if any issues arise.

Why Exhaust Leaks Develop

Leaks are a relatively common issue with exhaust systems. Routing the exhaust piping from the engine to the rear bumper requires numerous bends and interconnected flanges. The immense heat generated by the engine predisposes the welds and gaskets throughout the exhaust system to developing stress cracks. Even the smallest of cracks allow exhaust gasses to seep out.

Your exhaust system is also prone to damage from road debris. The pipes are mounted underneath your chassis relatively close to the ground. Your tires constantly kick up pebbles and grit as you drive, and the exhaust system is hanging right in the line of fire.

Car Exhaust Leaks Make Your Engine Loud, Inefficient, And Dangerous

Your exhaust piping is fine-tuned to generate a specific amount of back pressure and allow exhaust gasses to flow as smoothly as possible. Leaks cause pressure drops and turbulence within the system. As a result, your engine won’t be able to expel the gasses as efficiently, which causes a loss in horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Leaks also make your car loud. The mufflers and resonators at the rear of your exhaust system are designed to silence your engine as much as possible. Leaks allow excess noise to escape before it reaches the mufflers which causes an annoying droning noise every time you accelerate.

So it’s necessary to clean your engine on time. KINGKAR DPF CLEANING MACHINE, YOUR BEST CHOICE.

Clean your engine on time - KingKar
Clean your engine on time - KingKar

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