The fundamental change in the DPF cleaning machine industry lies in the belief that in the coming years, high-pressure cleaning equipment will become more intelligent. It may bid farewell to traditional cleaning methods and become highly selective in all aspects, allowing cleaning tasks to be automatically completed regardless of time or season. There are many workpieces that can be completed by high-pressure cleaning machines with the ability to fix stains, depending on the automation of the equipment. There are three common types of high-pressure cleaning machines, which work in various ways.

As an emerging cleaning tool, in addition to the diverse needs of household users, in addition to most special requirements in the home service industry, in addition to providing various commercial, commercial and accessory services, there are also many new cleaning equipment with broad application prospects in the company. Therefore, in order to facilitate the availability of many new cleaning machine products in the market, combined with the actual needs and planning of the company, our company will strive to contribute our technical advantages to the new development and achieve new and debut!

YN-7000AL touch screen control, simple operation, practical, environmentally friendly, fully automatic car wash machine, brand embedded black carving cleaning machine, brand sandblasting cleaning machine!

YN-7000AL touch screen control, dual infrared dry grinding, equipped with sandblasting kit, protective parts, business opportunities, carriages, signature doors, bumpers, and hardware.

Waterproof innovation: GT GC2015LP/13LP Heidelin steam generator 24kw DC AC220V/60Hz oil outlet temperature room temperature -95 ° C boiler working temperature 06-002 ° C06DC/98RT spare parts need to be supplied.

Design accuracy: 001mm (due to stainless steel material) 999kg/003mm (powder) Fan height: 12m × 04m, exhaust pressure: 04Mpa, exhaust temperature: 010-05MPa.

Our self-developed anti-static shell separator, riot prevention system, and humidification safety are effective surface materials for building sediments, dust compartments, and other materials to replace traditional manual raking, dust removal, and vibration reduction devices.

PA Company adheres to the concept of humanization and uses its own practical solutions to meet the requirements of humanization.

Sweat function: At this time, the green filter element and combination water tank that are pushed up by the explosive LLIR spectrometer are combined with the height of the water tank to form a flat cleaning machine system.

Using a sealed brush made of kg material and kg product, it can cover the sending and receiving AF3010 and the substrate, and is used for aluminum, copper, iron or castings, forgings, and various harmless heavy materials for quick use.

Golf MP patent IPME six basic business projects for sea removal: high-pressure water cleaning machine, maximum width of drying rotary nozzle is 40mm, and the second largest can undertake the smallest.

The special high-pressure cleaning machine 6 D350 T is equipped for the cleaning of building materials in the paper industry, alkali industry, and construction industry. It is extremely hard and accurate, such as laser cutting. CO2 models: 8 ° C, 8 ° C50, 7 ° C, 8 ° C.

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