Can I clean the Diesel Particulate Filter myself?

The DPF cleaning process requires the DPF filter to be removed from the vehicle, it is subjected to a process that removes the soot and ash particles that are blocking the filter. This process utilizes large amounts of heat, pressure, and specific chemicals to remove the blockage from the filter. This can only be performed with specialist equipment.

Costs for this service seem to vary but in most cases, it is much cheaper than a replacement filter and not illegal like DPF removal


If all else fails then do be very careful how you proceed. Removing the DPF from your exhaust system has become rather a hot topic with transport regulators across the globe, if you have the DPF filter removed you encounter issues passing your MOT or vehicle inspection.

For those in the UK please be aware that your car will fail its MOT without a DPF and with more stringent MOT testing for DPF particulates you might be caught out by opting for one of the other DPF “gutting and remap” services now being offered. Please see the following page to see how DPF removal will affect your MOT.


Our advice still stands that in the first instance of seeing the DPF light you should ring a main dealer or consult your handbook. The process to kick off a DPF regeneration should be simple enough but simply taking your car out for a “thrash” often isn’t the way to resolve this issue.

Now, maybe you need a KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine! Efficient cleaning protects your DPF from damage! If you want to know more about the DPF cleaning machine, welcome to contact KINGKAR!

Can I clean the Diesel Particulate Filter myself? - KingKar
Can I clean the Diesel Particulate Filter myself? - KingKar

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