Breaking through key common technologies, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the DPF cleaning machine industry, using the 4-wheel drive end to replace traditional circuit breakers, the 5-wheel drive end has more oil burning, more than 10 seconds of high-speed and efficient replacement, the engine automatically starts, gradually switches to slide rail drive, the engine power is more stable, consumption is less, and the personalized oil replacement rate reaches over 95%; At the same time, it is equipped with a dual motor fuel system heating method imported from Germany, an advanced fan, and a peak temperature of up to 30 degrees, breaking through the bottleneck rate of traditional review technology.

Visual gun switch, convenient and simple storage to adjust your set pressure, one click start to restore the initial temperature of the endoscope, precise temperature control, and instant setting of cleaning status.

Equipped with a fast freeze-drying system, it prevents the cleaning solution from continuously rising, shortens cleaning time, and improves cleaning efficiency.

Stainless steel filter freeze-drying effectively prevents the cleaning solution from entering the blower and causing blockage, extending the cleaning time.

Stainless steel filters are freeze-dried to prevent the continuous circulation and growth of cleaning solution, achieving timely drainage and preventing clogging of the filter screen.

The main equipment used for high-pressure cleaning machine cleaning is divided into online washing machines and dual axis suspension cleaning lines, which are described in detail as step-by-step operations.

The reason why a single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is called online cleaning is because it only has one cleaning slot. It consists of a spray cleaning tank with a specially designed multi stage porous nozzle with adjustable universal motion at the bottom of the machine.

The reason why a single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is called online cleaning is because it only has one cleaning slot. It is achieved through the use of ultrasound for cleaning, as the cleaning effect is better. The principle of cleaning liquid and dirt is to use a megohmmeter to remove dirt from the object and transfer it to a specific surface blown out by a high-pressure air knife. The purpose of doing this is to remove the liquid floating on the cleaning tank, then concentrate the cleaning liquid on the liquid that is flushed into the hole cavity, and then wind cut it through the fan of the spray gun. In general, the liquid used to clean the liquid is placed on a high-temperature box, so an electric heater is equipped inside the box for hot air circulation. Finally, the cleaning liquid is discharged and the air liquid is introduced. The effect depends on the specific spoon to empty the solution, as well as the power and time of the hot spray machine.

The screw cleaning machine is mainly used for beverage bottles, metal rods, tablets, skimmers, oil pipes, impellers, air pressure, couplings, unloading nuts, main aluminum bars, drums, bars, steel strips, bars, and so on.

The cleaning is divided into three stages: one stage is hot alkaline water, the second stage is hot clean water, and the third stage is tap water. The three stage spray water, except for the third stage tap water, has an independent circulating filter water tank. The third stage tap water is recycled as supplementary water to the second stage water tank for heating and use, and some of the sewage is automatically discharged. The second water tank is equipped with a heating tube for heating.

The equipment for the clean vegetable processing assembly line consists of a roughing machine, a leaf peeling machine, a bubble cleaning machine, a vibrating drainage screen, a spray cleaning machine, a bubble cleaning machine, a high-pressure spraying machine, a water flow drainage screen, a woolen carpet cleaning machine, an automatic floor washing machine, a sweeping machine, a bubble cleaning machine, an air drying machine, an additional blow drying machine, and so on.

The process flow is: raw material selection → raw material → transportation → finished product selection → raw material → finished product selection → finished product selection → finished product unit selection → finished product file → immeasurable shear type →.

The frame is black and customized for production by customers in Jinan. The subsequent export equipment from customers is collected and covered with insulation cotton and plastic bags in the material yard, achieving multi-purpose use of one machine.

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