The big secret for DPF cleaning by water

Perhaps some people still use fire to clean up the DPF, and others are beginning to use water to clean. However, just like washing a car, the traditional way of washing a DPF consumes a lot of water, and it is difficult to deal with the sewage. More importantly, it is worrying that can not wash the DPF 100% cleaning and thoroughly.

Big secret for DPF cleaning by water

So are you worried about high water consumption? Are you worried about DPF more dirty while using circulating water? Are you worried about how to deal with waste water? Or are you worried about DPF not being dredged?

Welcome to Kingkar live broadcast, we will solve all these issues for you. We will show you the comparison of the effect before and after cleaning DPF with water, and meanwhile, we will provide you with a professional explanation, an introduction to the process and technology of washing DPF, and an explanation in detail why Kingkar DPF cleaning machine can clean DPF thoroughly under the premise of low water consumption and efficient wastewater treatment.

Of course, Great benefits are awaiting you in the studio! Don’t miss out on these blockbuster perks!

KingKar DPF cleaning machine, 60mins 100% cleaning.

Big secret for DPF cleaning by water

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