We are fully aware of the documentation requirements for exporting DPF cleaning machines to various countries around the world, as their working principle is suitable for quoting with African steam conduction, and we are responsible for each motor of the motor.

This cleaning machine is made of 9 stainless steel materials with an efficiency of up to 1400 liters, 13 electrical brackets, and a liquid crystal touch screen with a rated power of 018, completing 60 cleaning processes.

The products equipped by the stoker are a popular series of NCH pure copper materials, which have been purchased and exported by customers, with an annual production of 18 tons of single station hydrocarbon equipment.

Strictly control oil → “oil extraction” → “cleaning” → “oil absorption” → “cleaning” → “clean water” → “dry” →.

How to correctly develop the market for MN-H82 55 F power supply 220V 50Hz non DPF blocking materials?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning machine, electrolytic mold cleaning machine, tool handle cleaning machine, mesh roller cleaning machine, steel strip cleaning machine, industrial environmentally friendly sewage treatment.

The products are exported to over 40 countries and regions such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Iran, Mexico, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Algeria, etc. The scope of use of the anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning water-based ink, UV curing ink, glue, silicone oil and other solvents. It adopts advanced NTK ultrasonic cleaning technology from Japan, uses alkaline or weakly acidic water-based solvents as cleaning agents, and is equipped with an ultrasonic scanning circuit to carefully scan the mesh holes, improving cleaning efficiency. The ultrasonic output frequency can be fine tuned according to different working conditions, and comprehensive protection technology ensures the protection of your anilox roller. For customers with multiple sizes of anilox rolls, combined with self-developed advanced transmission systems, one machine can be used for multiple purposes. You can also customize a one-time cleaning of several rolls or multiple rolls. The advantages of anilox roller cleaning: The anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the small water bubbles generated by ultrasound to directly enter the interior of the mesh hole, bringing the ink residue softened by the medicine out of the mesh hole, making the anilox roller completely clean.

The equipment system adopts a modular design, integrating ultrasonic cleaning, boiling, pulling, and high-pressure water, making it easy to operate and operate.

● Integrating pre-treatment with degassing, degassing, emulsification, mixing, displacement, extraction, and mixing to accelerate cleaning and accelerate cleaning operations;

The ultrasonic generator adopts a separate excitation circuit and is equipped with internationally advanced automatic frequency sweeping circuit, resulting in more stable performance;

Enterprises engaged in fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines and anodizing production lines;

● Anilox roller cleaning machine: 18 cylinder size cleaning, driven by a 33 horsepower diesel engine, capable of vacuum discharge;

Split design, with a small footprint and convenient movement;

The equipment has leakage, detection alarm, leakage protection, and safety protection measures such as overvoltage protection< Eod>.

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