DPF cleaning machine 7 practical methods to improve your foreign trade efficiency and wealth market. A carbonization amount of 12 inches reduces the cost of 300 inches to about 1 inch, shortens the time by 7 inches, and achieves true meaning. It has non-contact, uniform speed, degassing effect, constant temperature heating, ultrasonic speed regulation, and outlet water temperature.

The infiltration source assisted photosensitive snowflake cleaning machine is an innovative and advanced new generation and high-quality cleaning technology centered on the infiltration mechanism membrane. It is suitable for cleanliness.

The processing temperature is one of the important factors that affect the cleaning speed and effectiveness. Identifying the temperature will not affect the cleaning process, and the requirements for the cleaning process are also different. The electricity cannot be used but is beneficial.

The lagged atmospheric atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine device utilizes plasma impact energy to activate the surface of materials, effectively cleaning the surface and reducing the adhesion, hydrophilicity, and moisture of the material surface.

As is well known, after cleaning silicon wafers, the coating can be cleaned, and plasma cleaning machines can be used for surface treatment technology.

Plasma is a state of matter that is released during the combined use of room temperature and passive argon arc welding, and it also needs to be removed. According to testing, the plasma cleaning machine is currently cleaning.

The YW-Z10 integrated plasma cleaning machine is a type of gas used under atmospheric pressure, which utilizes a fast motion mode set at extremely low gasification temperature PBJ/KHZ. High density plasma has a wide range of application scenarios and cleaning methods. The YW-Z10 integrated atmospheric plasma cleaning machine is a gas used under atmospheric pressure, utilizing extremely low temperature surfactants.

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With the development of science, the continuous progress of technology, and the continuous improvement of computer hard disk performance, its capacity is becoming larger and the number of optical disks is increasing, which is particularly prominent for the effectiveness and stability of its materials.

Plasma surface treatment skills – The characteristics of plasma surface treatment technology customized by Diante Intelligent Technology.

Optimize the design of different process parameters to ensure the best treatment effect.

● It also adapts to these requirements, mainly suitable for using special materials, because the same material is designed differently and makes it easier for the produced material to reflect the surface properties of the treated material at the micro level.

Working mode: Plasma is introduced into space, and plasma reaction and etching generate high-energy ion sputtering. The sputtering of plasma causes the dirt and oxides on the material surface to decompose instantly due to the sputtering effect, achieving a uniform surface.

Processing temperature: Generally, at room temperature of 20-40 ° C, the low-temperature plasma reaction rate can reach over 60%.

Customized function: After the sample is treated with plasma, the cleaned object can remain on its surface without generating pollutants, thereby enhancing the surface performance of the object.

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