Global chain of DPF cleaning machine factories.

manufacturing Our company’s precision instruments and metal communicators, silicon wafer cleaning machines, acid pools, silicon vibration equipment, fully automatic wire cleaners, capacitor cleaning machines, and configuration flow meter pressure display are briefly described as follows: model technical parameters: equipment model: GC5-7050 chamber capacity: 150L peristaltic frequency: ± 005MM Transmission method: power line length: SC300 mm Transmission speed (stepless speed regulation): 850mm Starting method: power line/compressed air.

Three plunger aluminum pump nozzle dedicated oil level gauge, single stage centrifugal pump, high-pressure oil pump, three-dimensional nozzle lifting oil pump, flower machine, suction pipe, hook valve type oil pump, suction pipe, plunger plate type filter paper tower.

Mechanical transmission components, accessories, electronic components, container cleaning machine, strong gear sealing ring, shock absorber gear mold.

Automated assembly line ultrasonic cleaning machine slot type ultrasonic cleaning machine small hardware drying machine electroplating equipment vegetable ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Customized production is limited to 690 yuan, with a cleaning workload of 80-90 liters per hour and low usage costs.

The main process flow of the cleaning line: automated assembly line automatic feeding → pre desalination → detergent ultrasound → pure water ultrasound → fat soluble in water grinding → ultrasonic pretreatment → pure water ultrasound → high-pressure spray rinsing → pre dehydration → manual feeding.

Five independent tanks for process: feeding and discharging three tanks, temperature control room temperature~120 ° C (adjustable), door opening delay function.

This machine adopts six slots to increase the usage temperature of the detergent and ensure the effectiveness of the detergent. At the same time, it is equipped with total circulation control and scraper accuracy to ensure the use of the detergent.

PLC control, touch screen operation, efficient production with multiple functions for one machine;

PLC touch screen operation, with multiple functions such as operation interface, control instrument, precise temperature control mode display, working status instrument, working stroke, frequency, mold, etc;

PLC touch screen operation, with printing and printing functions, automatic liquid temperature switching, and equipped with air consumption purifier, the product is uniform;

Degassing, the liquid of the vacuum cleaning machine rapidly evaporates at a temperature of 40 ° C-50 ° C, while the set temperature value is 30 ° C.

We purchased our BTS industrial laser marking machine from CleanLASER company in Suzhou for laser marking, laser engraving, and engraving< Eod>.

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