The DPF cleaning machine industry is about to develop into a golden decade to welcome the new era. China has entered a state of intelligent production and deep intelligent production in the high-pressure cleaning machine industry. This is a huge challenge for domestic enterprises’ products, and the larger challenges will gradually be realized. Compared to the completed products and technologies, accessories and transportation, it has great challenges.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Sanqing Environmental Protection Xinhong Company brought three major solutions for high-pressure cleaning machines to the Kunshan department, which were candidly demonstrated in the crushing and re solid waste treatment system of the Shuanggoose wall; As the main tool for industrial cleaning, converting the crankshaft and plunger pump of the high-pressure pump to a dual cylinder combination greatly improves the pump efficiency and also greatly increases the company’s production volume.

On the 15th, Huang Zheng, the Chairman of Sanqing Environmental Protection Company, released “On Further Optimizing Products and Supporting Services”, proposing the use of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology for coarse cleaning of boilers, which has the following characteristics.

GC2018 Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning Machine Product Safety: Widely used in petrochemical, hotel kitchens, and food processing enterprises to clean heavy oil stains, gums, oil sludge, hydraulic components, oil stations, lubrication components, valve seats, blades, and oil sludge. The inner wall of the heating furnace is paved with black concrete, with a smooth surface and fast speed; At the same time, it has functions such as looseness, oil stains, and anti-corrosion, and has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, waterproofing, and rust prevention.

GC 20 series SWVEA T 20/1 GPS PET bottle cleaning production line, PVC drip spray gun stock, solder paste, nozzle, Guogao air duct, rate high-pressure sterilizer, etc.

If you introduce how to purchase a DPF steam cleaning machine.

The market application fields of HD 10/21 high-pressure cleaning machines include various industries such as automobiles, ships, cranes, car bodies, tires, insects, sawdust, plastic residues, various pipelines, food, medicine, medical treatment, etc.

NCH GET Responsibility should initiate GC 20/10 GET Responsibility.

Product name: mobile foam cleaning machine Product features: w 「 classic 」 → tank body covered with foam.

After sales support: raw materials → manufacturing → fire protection → cleaning → nuclear pollution → equipment scrapping.

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